Image Viewer

Basic Feature

EdgeView 2 is cutting-edge image viewer on MacOS X.
It’s very powerful and speedy viewer. EdgeView 2 can open jpg, gif, psd, tif, bmp, RAW(DNG), EPS, AI(Adobe Illustrator), webp etc. Also can open zip(cbz), rar(cbr), 7-zip, lzh archive file.
And EdgeView preload data as image cache, so render image very quickly.  Of course, it support retina display.

EdgeView 2 also support multi touch trackpad. User can magnify image with pinch-out gesture, and navigate images by swipe gesture.


User can display image as single page, or display as double pages. It’s very useful for read comic archive and PDF file. Especially, EdgeView 2 have a lot of useful feature about reading comic archive. In example, EdgeView 2 arrange page order to “Right to Left” from “Left to Right”.
And move next/previous page, shift 1 page, skip multiple pages.

Progress bar display current image’s position in folder or archive. If user move mouse on progress bar, it display thumbnails bar. Thumbnails bar should displayed by swiping, or input shortcut key.

EdgeView 2 can display image fit to window, fit to width, or real size. Also zoom in/out image with trackpad gesture, magnify a part of images using with Loupe.

Toolbar have most function button of EdgeView 2. User can add buttons, remove buttons freely.

Effects and Transform

Effects is an advantage of EdgeView 2.
User can apply various effects to image. Auto Level, Blur, Sharpen, Unsharpen Mask, Grayscale, Colorize, etc. In Effects HUD, user can handle these effects more precisely.

User can cleaned old images using withe these effects. Follow image is very good example. These images were applied Auto Level, and Grayscale effects.

Also EdgeView 2 do rotate and flip image. User can apply multiple effects and multiple transform to image.

Animated GIF & Animated PNG

User play/pause, skip frames of Animated GIF and Animated PNG(APNG) file. Also change frame rates. If you have a lot of animated GIF file, EdgeView 2 will be a good friend for you.

Drag and Drop

User can open files, folder, archive files by drag and drop files onto viewer window. Also can copy image file from viewer by drag and drop, too.

File Browser

EdgeView 2 have internal file browser. It display files as icons or lists. And show filename, size, modification date, even pixel size. Browser’s left sidebar contains volumes, favorites, history.
User can navigate files, search files with spotlight and with other methods.

Also, EdgeView 2 support multiple file browser window. User can copy or move files through multiple window by drag and drop, or copy-paste .

EdgeView 2’s File Browser can connect to AFP, SMB, FTP Server. User can add server to favorites very easily.

EdgeView 2 can open image files from FTP directly. It’s very smoothly works.
If user try to open archive of PDF from FTP, EdgeView 2 download and open that files automatically.


EdgeView 2 save history of files opened. It records last page,  location, open date. And records a lot of reading setting that include effects, zooming status, etc.


EdgeView 2 have internal QuickLook plugin. This plugin make thumbnail of archive files automatically. Thumbnail shows archive file type as banner.

When user open QuickLook Panel on archive, this plugin display preview of images in archive. If archive don’t have an image,  this plugin display file list in archive.

If you need more information, please read Help page.