View Menu

User can change various view option of image viewer window in View Menu.
Each viewer windows options are changed separately, and saved to history.

  • View Order: Left to Right / Right to Left (Command + R)
    • Decide page view order. If “Right to Left” is checked on, view order will be changed. Direction of progress bar, order of thumbnails bar will be changed, too. Also swapped shortcut key order (when you checked “Shorcut Swap in RTL Mode” in “Preferneces>Viewer”).
  • Two-page spread: On/Off (Command + D)
    • If this option is checked on, display double images.
  • First page is cover: On/Off  (Command + Control + C)
    • If this option is checked on, first page is displayed as single page always.
  • Open all files in sub folder (Command + Control + S)
    • If this option is checked on, EdgeView 2 read all of images in sub folders.

Next options are image scaling options.

  • Fit to window ( Command + 1)
    • image fit to window size.
  • Fit to width ( Command + 2)
    • image fit to window’s width.
  • Actual Size ( Command + 3)
    • image displayed as real size.
  • Zoom In (Command + =)
    • Magnify image. Pinch out gesture can do zoom in
  • Zoom Out (Command + -)
    • Shrink image. Pinch in gesture can do zoom out
  • Shrink under window Size: On/Off
    • If this option is checked on, user can’t shrink image size under window size. Default is Off.
  • Loupe: On/Off (Command + L)
    • User can change magnify rates by pinch in/out gesture.
    • User can change Loupe size by mouse dragging.
  • Scaling Quality
    • Change interpolation quality to low quality, medium quality, high quality. But differences are very small in retina display.
    • Display pixel when zooming in (Command + Option + P
      • EdgeView 2 apply anti-aliasing image when zooming in. But this option is checked on, don’t apply anti-aliasing.
        Please check following picture. Right is the result of “Display pixel when zooming in”.